About W.I.N.

T he Women Intercessory Network for Peace started on June 1, 2012 but got registered on June 28, 2016.

Our Vision

Our Vision is To become the frontline organization that defends the rights of women through positive advocacy and economic empowerment, thereby creating an environment whereby women will be given their rightful place of becoming leaders for sustainable development. is

Our Strategy

The organization was started by a group of professional women who are passionate about driving the desired impact for women in Nigeria, with the chief promoter being Mrs Omowumi Popoola.

The initiative was concerned with the unequal representation of women in governance, and the participation of women and vulnerable groups. It also stemmed out of the need to provide critical sustainable livelihood programmes for women, through training and workshop in the effort to equip women with vocational and entrepreneurial skills thereby growing their capacity in the society as well as their confidence to engage.

Our Strategy

We have succeeded in having a regular participation of over 20,000 women from diverse religious and multicultural backgrounds attend the organised seminars and workshops which are geared towards enlightening the women.

We have also succeeded in counselling women who have suffered abuse, and provided in small means, incentives that would create an escape from the emotional battering experienced.



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